How are the Chinese getting to the US Southern border?

This is San Vicente camp in Darien Province, Panama.  Most of the Chinese go through this camp.  About 30-40 busses like this leave Darien daily with aliens from about 140 countries.

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Panama is already becoming destabilized for instance by about 11% Venezuelans now inside Panama.   I did many interviews such as Mike Adams, Emerald, Alex Jones, Devin Nunes, Fox, Peter Santilli, Congressional staff, more,  right here over recent days.  The busses in this video are lined up in convoy on Highway 1.  Drug resistant Tuberculosis and Malaria flow up Highway 1 to America every day.  Tuberculosis is one of the deadliest diseases in all of human history.   Malaria is also no chump.  Dengue is increasingly serious here.

CCP has weaponized Dengue and drones to dispense mosquitos.  Panamanians here are now overrun with Malaria at levels they never saw until the invasion through Darien.

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