Ironically, Cartels are in favor of Title 42 and want to retain it

With it ending soon it seems cartels/gangs on both sides of the border are making plays to try and maintain Title 42 because the unrestricted flow of migrants would overwhelm their human trafficking operations and they’d lose their cut. Cartels want a controlled level of immigration owned by them.

What means are they using? Terrorism. The recent 20 migrants killed and 18 wounded by Mexicans with questionable legal residency themselves, in three incidents, two by Tango Blast gang members, an alleged cartel affiliated gang. The victims being mainly from Honduras, Venezuela, Haiti, etc.

Running parallel to or just after the CJNG & CDG cartels did a “cleansing operation” on the Mexican side of the border opposite of Texas against CDN throughout the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Seems they didn’t want weak competition being revitalized by the soon to be opened migrant floodgates.

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