Analysis: What’s going on in Mexico?

Over the last 24 hours, there’s been much excitement across many channels of an imminent action by the U.S. military against the Mexican Cartels. For those expecting (hoping?) such an eventuality, allow me to burst your expectations by saying there’s no signs of such occurring soon. With that said though, this is a case of there being some element of truth in the general idea.

As this channel and our partners have been covering since January, relations between the United States and Mexico have steadily been deteriorating and becoming more hostile. Famously, the Mexican National Security team came to Washington only to be snubbed while several American politicians called for military action at about the same time earlier this year. That latter trend has since continued, as the image attached to this post shows.

For now, it remains just something to note and you can rest easy that there is no imminent war afoot. Storm clouds are brewing, however.

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