A War in Mexico would mean War in America

The Global Drug Trade is valued 200-300 billion per year the vast majority of which passes through the Central American Cartels… If they capture merely 1/3-1/2 of that that’s more than the value of all foreign Aid to Ukraine since the start of the war… And they do that every year.

This is in addition to all the money the Cartels receive from protection rackets they run, the cartelization of other industries they’ve affected (every avocado you buy is significantly overpriced thanks to their schemes), and the massive amount of money they and their associates bring in by effectively taking over and governing large swathes of Mexico, mostly under a Mexican Government coat of paint. US Northern Command estimates 30-35% of Mexico is effectively ungoverned, ie. Cartel Governed… that’s an area the size of Texas and a population comparable to Iraq.

A US intervention against the Mexican Cartels would be taking on organized forces that have been under arms longer than the Taliban, are better funded than Ukraine, Have a population and territory bigger than Saddam had in Iraq, and some of whom, as in the case of the Los Zetas Cartel, are themselves former Special Forces trained by American Green Berets.


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