Mexican maritime authorities achieve record drug seizures

The Mexican Navy has announced that it seized more than 45 tons of cocaine and methamphetamine in Mexican marine areas, national ports, Mexico City’s International Airport, and in states with significant cocaine and methamphetamine production in clandestine laboratories over the past two weeks.

The record amount of drugs was discovered in hangars, sacks of cattle feed, cylinders, and suitcases.

▪️In August, maritime authorities discovered 20,000 kilograms of material that contained cocaine at a port in Michoacan, and 787 kilograms of suspected methamphetamine were seized at a port in Colima.

▪️In early September, around 20,000 kilograms of presumed methamphetamine were seized at a port in Veracruz. A few days later, an additional 204 kilograms of the synthetic drug were found in the same port.

▪️Another 18 kilograms were seized at Mexico City’s International Airport. 24 suspects were captured 200 nautical miles from a port in Michoacán, carrying approximately 2,210 kilograms of apparent cocaine.

▪️Two clandestine laboratories used to produce synthetic drugs were destroyed in Culiacán, Sinaloa, resulting in a loss of $12 million to organized crime. These laboratories contained 3,800 kilograms of apparent methamphetamine and 2,500 kilograms of precursor chemicals.

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