Hondurans lead fentanyl trafficking in major US cities

Citing a criminal complaint filed on December 12 in the US District Court in Portland, Oregon, the Willamette Week newspaper reported that US law enforcement agencies are investigating an alleged criminal organization involving Hondurans that distributes large quantities of fentanyl in these cities.

According to the newspaper, operations facilitating fentanyl trafficking through these networks have been identified in the cities of Seattle (Washington state), Denver (Colorado), Portland and Oregon City (Oregon), Oakland and California City (California), and Salt Lake City (Utah).

The Willamette Week reported that this organization “is suspected of importing controlled substances, including fentanyl pills, heroin, and methamphetamine, from Mexico to the United States and conspiring to distribute these drugs in Oregon and Washington.”

Hondurans have been key players in fentanyl trafficking on the streets of San Francisco, California, in recent years, according to information reported in July by the San Francisco Chronicle. One of the main reasons for the city becoming a hub for this illicit trade is its “sanctuary city” policy, which provides some protection against action by national immigration authorities.


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