The recent immigration control operation by the State of Texas has been a major success

Crossings in the Eagle Pass region have declined from some 2,400 illegal aliens a day to just 750.

Additionally, most of those illegals that do make it across are arrested by the Texas Department of Public Saftey, and many are subsequently pushed back over the border into Mexico.

A panel of Federal judges also ruled that Texas is allowed to keep its floating razor-wire border barriers in the Rio Grande river, thereby securing even more lengths of the US border.

Texas could and should expand the Eagler Pass operation to as much of the border as it can. Unlike in California, Arizona or New Mexico, the border in Texas is owned privately, or by agencies of the State, not the Federal government.

Other states should, can and must join in, supplying Texas with resources and manpower to secure as much of the border as possible.

You can read more about how states can take the lead on fighting the Great Replacement here on our Substack.

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