Gang violence in Mexico making some Mayan ruin sites unreachable, government says

Drug cartel violence and land disputes are making certain Mayan ruin sites in Mexico unreachable.

The drug violence in Chiapas, which has proliferated since last year, has left the Yaxchilán and Bonampak ruin sites completely cut off. The latter ruin, famous for its murals, is inaccessible due to gunmen and checkpoints on the road leading to it, according to tour guides.

They said that travelers are forced to hand over identification and cellphones at cartel checkpoints to yet another archaeological site, Lagartero.

Visitors also can’t visit the towering pyramids at Tonina, because a landowner has shut off access his land while seeking payment from the government for granting the right of way.

Though no tourist has been harmed so far, and the government claims the sites are safe, many guides no longer take tour groups there.


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76 thoughts on “Gang violence in Mexico making some Mayan ruin sites unreachable, government says

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