Philadelphia Man Charged After DEA Confiscated Over $8 Million In Fentanyl & Heroin

The Berks County DA’s Drug Task Force with the Philadelphia DEA arrested a man who is accused of selling and transporting illegal drugs.

Ramon Alberto Jimenez-Merejildo, 35, was charged with possession and delivery of a controlled substance, possession with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Tuesday, Jimenez-Merejildo traveled to Berks where he was arrested. Authorities found 106 “bricks” of fentanyl and heroin in his car.

The DEA obtained a search warrant for his home in Philly where they found: 257 bricks of fentanyl/heroin, $3,407, 200 grams of bulk fentanyl and a digital scale.

A search warrant was obtained for a 2nd location in Philly where authorities found: 16,700 packets of fentanyl/heroin; 11.5 kilograms of bulk fentanyl.

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