Since last night, everyone has been on edge about the extradition to the USA of the man known by the nickname “El Nini”.

He is the main sicario (hitman) for the sons of drug lord Joaquín Guzmán, whose duo is long known as “Los Chapitos”, belonging to the Sinaloa Cartel.


The Mexican authorities arrested “El Nini” (for whose head the US offered no less than three million dollars) back in November last year, and have now handed him over to the Americans, who have already compiled a thick file of charges against the poor fellow. In particular, they have already accused him of involvement – participation in the production and sale of fentanyl by the Sinaloa Cartel on US territory, as well as some of his specialty: torture, murder, kidnapping of competitors and witnesses.


Local media are now enthusiastically writing that this is the second “such bright” extradition during President Obrador’s tenure (the first was the sending to an American court of one of the “Los Chapitos” – Ovidio). Even more local resources are grumbling that the sicario has fallen victim to a demonstrative reprisal and his extradition will only provide behind-the-scenes agreements between Obrador and American politicians, but will not reduce the tension on the drug front.

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