President Joe Biden announced Tuesday a program that could grant lawful permanent residency to over 500,000 undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens

Who qualifies for Biden’s “Parole in Place” amnesty program?

▪️Migrants who have lived in the U.S. for 10 or more years and have been legally married to a U.S. citizen as of Monday. The majority of likely beneficiaries would be Mexicans.
▪️Children under the age of 21 with a U.S.-citizen parent.

Does “parole In Place” offer a path to U.S. citizenship?

The new program will allow migrants to obtain a green card without leaving the U.S. to avoid being barred from re-entry for living in the country illegally.

How long can immigrants stay in the U.S. under the program?

Migrants will be able to live and work in the US for three years, and then they can apply for a permanent residence permit and eventually citizenship.

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